About me

My name is Edyta. I am not a weather fortune-teller, but I shall make it happen that your only worries will be the trembling voice during the oath and breathless dance.

Cherry Marry is made for love and marriage celebration. Cherish the day. Your wedding is safe with us. Our aim is to make you remember your wedding day with a twinkle in your eye. We take away your stress and turn it into a joyful time.

I have a Wedding Planner - Wedding Consultant certificate issued by the Wedding Agency "Wedding Impresario" owned by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants.  I have professionally organized events since 2011.

I am experienced in business events management (more info). Over the last 8 years, I have organized fairs and conferences with receptions and galas. I worked for international brands, including Bosch, Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, NEC, Samsung and Canon. I gained valuable experience in the weddings organization by running the Events and Weddings Department in one of Krakow's hotels. Thanks to that I know the organizational tricks and I have a number of verified contacts. I believe trust and like-mindedness are fundamental elements of good collaboration. 

"What do you like about your work?" The joy of creating and authentic emotions. I take your stress away and you gain time. The result is your onece-in-a-lifetime day full of exciting moments. In wedding planning the most important are people, their dreams, goals and the effect they want to achieve. My role is to help you make these dreams and plans come true, by doing what makes me feel excited. 

I feel double honored while organizing an event as intimate as wedding day. I love to spread good energy and surround myself with it. The seemingly ordinary moments can be turned into unforgettable memories. I believe that the goal itself is important, but so is the way it has been achieved. In this case, preparation for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. This approach makes a big difference.

I will be your right hand and, if required, like a good fairy I will listen, I will ask the right questions and I will support you mentally, so that in the chaos of preparation you will not forget what the ultimate goal is.


"What is your style?" For me, every love story is unique. The ways of re-telling it (wedding idea) are different. Every style has something attractive in it. They combine the joy of organization and the opportunity to participate in the creation of love story. I like to swim in the meanders of wedding styles. To me the most preferred are the ultra-feminine, timeless elegance and classics.

I am attracted to the luxury glamor and I appreciate romantic, rustic, boho climates. By creating your day we can derive inspiration from the atmosphere of the full color of the Moroccan market, the simplicity and mystery of Iceland, add a bit of the Montmartre climate of Parisian bohemia, invite a gypsy band or arrange a winter, highlander wedding with sleigh rides.

PS. Shhh... Finally let me tell you that I have a weak spot for crème brûlée and everything with coconut, I like peonies and I have my little secrets ;) I have zero musical talent, but do not be surprised when you meet me in a traffic jam singing.


You can be sure that having Cherry Marry as your Wedding Planner, your wedding dreams are safe and will come true.
You will gain package "Love Confetti" which is full of..comfort, time, luxury, relax and good vibes. 
We make the preparation itself a joyful experience. Your wedding day will be the proverbial cherry on top (it’s Cherry Marry after all).


I'm so excited! Are you ready to plan your wedding day?
Yes, let's start. We can't wait!