Elegant wedding reception at Kazimierz | OLA & OLEK

Elegant wedding reception at Kazimierz

Sunny May day. The smell of elderberry was in the air. It must have been a sign of a good wedding! Old tenement houses in the heart of Krakow, among them a stylish restaurant with a charming interior. A perfect place for an intimate, small wedding party. She is elegant, in a classic pencil wedding dress. He’s looking sharp. Elderberry flowers, minimalism, class, white, light purple and green. Elegant wedding in Kazimierz was absolutely charming.

Ola and Olek. We immediately knew that an elegant wedding would be it. The styling had to be thought through in every detail. And you know what? That’s how it was! 😉 Colors of all details matched each other. Including light purple water bottles and gifts for guests, the bride and groom’s favourite tea. This was another small wedding party under the motto „in harmony with each other”. We love it when couples listen to each other, their tastes and expectations. Yeah, after all, it’s their day! 🙂

Stationery is actually only small part of the wedding decoration, but in this case it was a centrepiece. All was taken care of by the Bride, the calligrapher herself! Place cards, menu, seating charts – silver ink combined with the color of bottle green looked chic and was perfectly coordinated with the elegant character of the wedding. Ah, we like these small wedding parties so much, just our closest family and friends. Hopefully more of those!

Photos: Svetlana Photography

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