A rustic wedding in the Dolina Cedronu | AGA & DAREK

rustic wedding in the Dolina Cedronu

The first thing we heard from this lovely couple at the meeting was that they didn’t really like weddings. Well, we have to admit that we were slightly shocked 😉 After a short conversation it turned out that it’s not just a matter of the wedding but a traditional approach to it. Hmm, custom wedding – why not!  The idea came to us quickly: a wedding with a travel theme. The combination of a relaxed and joyful atmosphere just as the bride and groom’s personalities. The ideal solution was a rustic wedding reception in the Dolina Cedronu.

A wedding ceremony at Kazimierz, in the heart of Krakow and a wedding reception in an old stone granary. And a ride in a stylish Volvo – wow! That’s how we got to the Dolina Cedronu. The air was full of joy and natural relaxation. That’s what it’s all about – we knew that this rustic wedding will be like Aga and Darek dreamed of. Stylish, raw interiors, a perfect base for the multi-colour floral compositions. And a atmosphere, which was created by fairy lights and white garlands hanging over the guests was truly unique. Round tables, gray tablecloths, wood, brick – a perfect wedding!

But let’s not forget about the most important thing – the travel theme. It was everywhere! From invitations to a seating chart with a table arranged in the form of a departures board. Travels and cities are fantastic memories and lots of emotions for Aga and Darek. Therefore tables were marked with wooden tablets with names of these cities. Illuminated globes decorated the sweet treat tables with delicious sweets. Even we couldn’t resist to those rose filled eclairs. What would be better for a wedding with a travel theme than a globe decoration? We also used it as a guestbook.

A rustic wedding means for being close to nature and naturalness. Greenery and open space around. Charming terrace of the Dolina Cedronu with climbing vines, ideal for an outdoor wedding. So are we going back to this place together again?

Photos: Malachite Meadow

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