Outdoor wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Villa Love | ALEKSANDRA & ONDREJ

When these two decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and a wedding reception in Villa Love… Villa Love wasn’t even there yet! The first time we looked at it, we saw a beautiful view and… the concrete footing. Yes – that’s what it looked like. 🙂 We all met on a hot June morning to celebrate this Polish-Czech love under the sky and to plan their unique international wedding.

An outdoor wedding is an increasingly common choice, especially when we are organizing an international wedding. Dreams of a movie like ceremony are transferred into the reality.

It was no different in this case. The weather kept us on our toes, the thunderstorm was moving around Villa Love. The whole team was waiting until the last moment to move the ceremony to the covered terrace. However, we succeeded – everything went as planned!

A floral arbor, gorgeously decorated chairs, a view of Lanckorona, the very needed fans at 35 degrees and of course they. Ola, a dancer full of life and energy and Ondra, a calm, warm and very funny guy with a unique sense of humor. The music at this wedding was taken care of by Krzysztof Płonka – an exceptional guitarist with an original tattoo, playing songs by Jacek Johnson. The bride, groom and guests couldn’t hide their smiles and tears of joy from their faces. Us too! An outdoor wedding has something magical in it, same as Villa Love!

Then it was a party till the sun came up! Ahhh, those international weddings are what we love. Combination of traditions, different cultures, languages and food. In this case we had to bring a little bit of Czech to Poland. How we did it? Expressions, unique details, sweets and, of course, BEER! There was a traditional švickovej with the main course, kolačky complemented the sweet treat table and barrels with Czech beer were luring the guests. The dictionaries of the Czech and Poland language helped in communication. 

The Villa Love Wedding is all about the details. Those stylish sofas, blue doors, rusty frames and golden plates. The atmosphere of the wedding was complimented by extremely simple and stylish stationery, gold box for letters from guests or tea as wedding favour. We also did not forget about comfort – slippers for everyone!

Unique people, unique wedding and there is always not enough of Villa Love for us!

Photos were taken by Łukasz from a duo of photographers who want to tell your stories in a documentary style. Here you can see more of their amazing work:  LMFOTO.PL

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